Friday, April 22, 2011

Guest blog by Alicia -- Sharing our Faith

Several years ago I was worshiping at a church in Chevy Chase DC and also volunteering with an organization that provides furniture to DC area families. I enjoyed my work with both groups, but viewed them as separate, mostly because I wasn’t comfortable mixing my religious life with my service activities.

One day I talked to Jonathan, the director of the non-profit, about my church hosting an event for some of the families they serve. I was thinking of something off-site, with no religious content. Jonathan said that the families would probably prefer an event at the church. Apparently, many of the families have a strong religious faith, but can’t make it to services on a regular basis due to transportation issues.

We decided to hold a brunch after service one Sunday. Church members picked up the families from their homes and brought them to service. Afterwards, everyone enjoyed brunch in the fellowship hall.

During brunch, a 14 year old boy named Max introduced himself to Jonathan. He thanked Jonathan for providing beds and other furniture to his family; he asked if there was some way to he could help the organization. He started volunteering the next weekend. Throughout high school, Max volunteered every day after school and every Saturday. Whenever we said goodbye he told me to “Be Safe.” For some reason that has always stuck in my mind. He became part of the non-profit’s family – becoming friends with the college interns and receiving tutoring and mentoring from the extended network of volunteers. I have no doubt that these friendships have changed the course of his life.

I have had a very blessed life, always having a bed to call my own and never having to worry about losing the roof over my head. I’ve also always had a church community and before this brunch I never realized that this was a blessing that many are not able to have. I still am shy about sharing my faith with others, never wanting to appear to be pushing my religious beliefs, but Dean’s sermon reminded me that an invitation can lead to amazing, unexpected things.

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